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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ayam Brand - FREE Exclusive Sushi Maker

Are you a Sushi fan? Redeem this exclusive Sushi Maker!

How To Redeem?
1. Purchase any four (4) AYAM BRAND Tuna Products or/and AYAM BRAND Sardines Ready-To-Eat products.

2.Send the scan or picture of the proof of purchase(receipt) to with full name, phone number and home/office address.

3.Scan or picture of receipt must show name of the shop, date of purchase and product name.

4. One (1) receipt is eligible to one (1) redemption gift.

Only the products listed are eligible for redemption as per below:

Sardines in Olive Oil
Sardines in Olive oil and Chili
Fried Sardines in Chilli Oil
Sardines in Teriyaki Sauce
Sardines in Spring Water

Tuna Flakes Spicy in Olive Oil
Tuna Flakes Omega 3
Tuna Chunks in Olive Oil Light
Tuna Chunks in Sunflower Oil
Tuna Flakes in Sunflower Oil
Tuna Flakes in Sunflower Oil Light
Chilli Tuna
Chili Tuna Light
Curry Tuna
Tuna Tomato Chilli
Tuna Mayonnaise
Tuna Mayonnaise Mild
Tuna Hot Mayonnaise
Tuna Mayonnaise Light
Deli Spread Tuna
Deli Spread Salmon
Deli Spread Seafood
Tuna Chunks in Water
Tuna Chunks in Mineral Water
Tuna Chunks in Water Light
Green curry Tuna

Click HERE for more info!

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