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Friday, July 7, 2017

McDonald's - FREE McChicken & French Fries For The Month Of July

Drive-Thru™ to McD for the VIP offer ! For the month of July, use Visa payWave* and get both FREE McChicken® and medium French Fries** when you purchase above RM20. Hurry to McD today!

* Visa payWave offer is valid only from 11am - 4am.
** Free Hash Browns from 4am - 11am.

- Visa payWave is available at participating McDonald’s Drive-Thru™.
- VISA payWave is not available at McDonald’s Kuching 1, McDonald’s Kuching 2, McDonald’s Kuching Airport, McDonald’s KB Mall, McDonald’s Section 22 Drive-Thru Shah Alam, McDonald’s Kota Bahru Drive-Thru, McDonald’s Kampar Drive-Thru, McDonald’s Pengkalan Chepa Drive-Thru, McDonald’s Kok Lanas Drive-Thru and McDonald’s Tabuan Jaya Drive-Thru.

Click HERE for more info!

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